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When We Became Humans: The Story of Our Evolution

When We Became Humans: The Story of Our Evolution

Michael Bright
Words & Pictures
ISBN: 9781786038869

When We Became Humans - Our Incredible Evolutionary Journey really is just that: an incredible journey through our development as humans today. This beautifully written non-fiction book breaks down the information into bite-sized chunks of interesting facts and explanations. Michael Bright weaves the information into a story-like journey through time that keeps the reader engaged throughout.

The writing manages to fuse the tricky concepts and technically difficult words (broken down into phonetic spellings) into a text that is clear and understandable. Interesting facts and discoveries offer moments of awe and wonder and this is all held together by the beautiful illustrations of Hannah Bailey whose choice of colours and style resonate with the images of cave art that we associate with early man.

This is a must read for many areas of the curriculum: stone age/early man, evolution and adaptation, trade routes and migration, development of communities, use of land and relationship with animals, changes in roles, development of communication: spoken and written, as well as the potential problems that we face in the future as we continue to develop and multiply.

I would highly recommend this for KS2 children to support their growing interests and learning about how we became humans.

64 pages / Ages 8+ / Reviewed by Donna Burkert, teacher


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