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That's Snow Business! (Bad Nana, Book 3)

That's Snow Business! (Bad Nana, Book 3)

Sophy Henn
ISBN: 9780008268138

Bad Nana: That's Snow Business is the wickedly hilarious third book in the Bad Nana series by Sophie Henn. This is a chapter book which includes large black and white (and pink) illustrations on every page and which uses a variety of fonts and print sizes to engage the reader.

The eponymous heroine of the story adores sparkles, twinkles and sequins and is the proud owner of a fluffy pink cat called Liberace. Bad Nana may be getting old now, but she has a not-so-secret past as a member of the SAS, an airhorn wielding football fan, a jet pilot and in show business on cruise ships!

So when seven-and-three-quarter-year-old Jeanie, her friends Marcy and Wilf, and (unfortunately) her completely awful little brother, Jack, decide to audition for the Winter Wonderland Variety Show, and their school is closed for a snow day, they pop round to Bad Nana's for some advice on their very sparkly good old song 'n dance routine (with finishing faces).

Initially, the rehearsals for the Winter Wonderland Variety Show appear to go well... but gradually, nearly all the acts drop out, until there is no variety left in the Variety Show. Can Jeanie and her friends save the day?

I very much enjoyed reading Bad Nana: That's Snow Business and would strongly recommend it to children aged seven and up. It has been an extremely popular addition to our school library.

192 pages / Ages 6+ / Reviewed by Mandy Abel


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