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Once Upon a Raindrop: The Story of Water

Once Upon a Raindrop: The Story of Water

James Carter
Caterpillar Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781848579873

Once Upon A Raindrop: The Story of Water is a poetic journey through an area of science, and is part of James Carter's series of books - Once Upon a Star, Once Upon a Raindrop, and now Once Upon an Atom.

This time, we learn about the origins of water and how our water cycle works. James Carter's narrative takes the reader on a wonderful journey across the skies, lands and seas and is superbly accompanied by Nomoco's striking, dynamic and beautiful watercolour illustrations.

This text fully supports the curriculum subject of water, and also showcases playful, rhythmic poetry. Just like Once upon a Star, it is perfect to read aloud to a group of children.

Picture book / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by Kyle Matravers, teacher


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