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Here be Wizards: The Snowdonia Chronicles: Book Three

Here be Wizards: The Snowdonia Chronicles: Book Three

Sarah Mussi
Shrine Bell
ISBN: 9781911342342

Here Be Wizards is the final part to the 'Snowdonia Chronicles' trilogy. Four months have passed since the adventure of the first book, Here be Dragons. It is now Midsummer's Eve, the time when the veil between worlds is at its most fragile, and something happens that causes the whole of Snowdonia to burn with wild magical fires that threaten everything in their path. Ellie and her friends must once again go on a difficult journey to try and stop the fire, but unexpected things happen...could it be too late to free Henry and for Ellie to have her happy ending? Will George become the hero of the story or will he loose out once again? Will everyone get their Heart's Desire?

Throughout this trilogy, I have enjoyed the references to the Welsh folklore and this concluding part of the story is no exception. Many of the Welsh legends and mystical beings are cleverly woven into this modern day adventure, making it an entertaining and engaging read. At the bottom of the relevant pages there are footnotes with extra information about the folklore, which is helpful.

Just a short, quick mention regarding the ending as I don't want to spoil it for anyone. It was not what I was expecting, with a dramatic twist foretold by Gran at the beginning of the quest! That's all I'm going to give away... you have got to read it to find out what I'm hinting at.

The book has 462 pages that contain adventure, magic, mystical beings along with friendship, humour and of course, romance. However, there are quite a few deaths, some violence and a touch of blood but thankfully all suitable for the 12+ reader as they are not overly descriptive. A great book for reading groups and book clubs due to the many discussion points and the chances to explore further reading. A great series that I would easily recommend.

320 pages / Ages 12+ / Reviewed by Linda Brown, school librarian


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