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A Robot Girl Ruined My Sleepover

A Robot Girl Ruined My Sleepover

Rebecca Patterson
Andersen Press Ltd
ISBN: 9781783449477

It's 2099 and Lyla's school announces some special visitors - cyborg robots, designed to look like human children. In an experiment, the plan is for these robots to interact with human children to learn how to become more like them. Three children from the class are specially chosen. As well as Lyla, Louis, the naughtiest boy in the class is picked in the hope it will teach him responsibility.

The robots arrive and their first few days are spent learning what happens at school and in the playground. The robots are programmed to please, so the teacher is happy with their knowledge of facts and so are the children as the cyborgs spend time telling the humans how wonderful they are.

Some children quickly see how this is not a satisfactory friendship, except Lyla, who admires her immaculate robot and manages to persuade the authorities that a sleepover at home is a good idea. It is there that things start to go wrong.

Children will love the ideas of the advanced technology and crazy inventions and the down to earth humour and the story, with accompanying black and white illustrations, show children that humanity is not easily recreated by technology and there is more to friendship than a companion constantly agreeing with you.

176 pages / Ages 7-9 years / Reviewed by Dawn Woods, school librarian


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