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Roger McGough
Walker Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781406381351

A beautiful story about the cyclical nature of money. The author, Roger McGough, takes the notion that money makes the world go round and delivers it back to his audience in an amazingly crafted and beautifully illustrated picture book. The book is a literary and visual pleasure to read.

The story sees Mr Toad come to town clutching a shiny gold coin. He wants a room for the night and hands over the coin to Miss Mole in the hotel to pay for it. Miss Mole can now finally pay her debt to Sam Stoat for painting the hotel door. However, Sam has his own debts to pay... The coin works its way around the village whilst the reader is treated to incredible illustrations by Mini Grey. Eventually, the coin ends up at the start but there is something not quite right about the gold coin...

The story ends with a newspaper article featuring Mr Toad who has been found guilty of forgery. The story can be followed further by reading each successive article all featuring different places and characters that the author has introduced us to. All the while the reader can make use of a map at the front of the book so that they can visualise the truly splendid world that McGough has created.

I would recommend this book for children from ages five and up. The way the author introduces money and debt into the story is a fantastic way to spark up conversations with children.

I would use this book in a classroom environment by first studying the map. This would link to art and geography (or cartography). I would suggest that children could study a google earth image of their local area and create a simplified map of their local area in the same style as Mini Grey. Furthermore, this book would be a fantastic introduction or hook into writing a newspaper article because ultimately, primary school-aged children rarely get to see one.

Picture book / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by James Hewish, teacher


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