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Albert Johnson and the Buns of Steel

Albert Johnson and the Buns of Steel

Phil Earle
Barrington Stoke Ltd
ISBN: 9781781129074

A lovely, short story for young readers to enjoy!

Albert Johnson comes from a family of master bakers. All of his ancestors are known for being brilliant at baking - his Dad gets up early every morning to bake delicious treats for his customers to enjoy. Unfortunately for Alfred, that means he has to get up early too, to be able to help his Dad.

When Albert's Dad suggest that he might want to take over the family business, Albert dares to tell him that he doesn't really want to. Whilst his Dad tries to come up with a new plan for the business, Albert continues to practise the thing that he truly loves; sport.

Albert's Dad comes up with a plan. He buys a Doughmaster 5000 which is a brand new robot that can do all of the baking for them! The story continues as the doughmaster causes all sorts of adventures for the family.

This is an exciting story to grip young readers who are just starting to read chapter books independently. There isn't an overwhelming amount of text on each page but it has a real feel of a 'grown up book'. The story also includes colourful pictures which help to bring the story to life further for them.

112 pages / Ages 7+ / Reviewed by Lucy Newton, teacher


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