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My First Book of Comparisons: How the world measures up

My First Book of Comparisons: How the world measures up

Ana Seixas
Ivy Kids
ISBN: 9781782409359

My First Book of Comparisons is an exceptionally interesting book to help teach children about the world around them by way of comparison. It really is packed full of facts on every double spread page.

Upon first glance, the rhyming rhythmic blurb was rather inviting, 'Open this book and you'll discover, how all these things compare to each other'. We open the book and learn about: animals including humans, transport and machines, weather, sea and space. We discover the tallest and quickest of animals, the fastest transport, the wildest weather, the depths of the sea, a galactic adventure and plenty more.

Each page is full of interesting 'Did you know?' facts which compare knowledge the children may already have to a new fact- making these facts memorable. This book cleverly and strategically teaches us something new by way of comparison. This doesn't just make learning new facts fun, but it makes them more likely to stick and it's useful, too. It is ingeniously illustrated by Ana Seixas to house a fact next to each image, to further contextualise the comparisons for our youngest readers.

This non-fiction books is designed to be enjoyed and read in multiple sittings. When reading this to my class of Reception children, we enjoyed choosing some illustrations on each page and reading the facts related to them. Clive Gifford has included a range of mathematical language in relation to size and weight, for example: bigger, smaller, longer, shorter, faster and taller. This sparked much discussion about many other 'fast' or 'tall' things we have experienced or seen in our lives. We enjoyed learning a different and new fact on each double page spread over the course of a week.

A great lead into 'The Book of Comparisons' for when children are that bit older.

48 pages / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by Jessica Bunney, teacher


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