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Edgar & Adolf

Edgar & Adolf

Phil Earle, Michael Wagg
Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198494911

When former football star Edgar Kail opens his front door to find 17 year old Adi on his doorstop, he tries to shoo the boy away, thinking he is trying to sell him something. As he closes the door, however, the boy mentions a name that makes Edgar stop and invite Adi in.

Adi has mentioned a name from the past - Adolf Jager, his grandfather - and wants to complete a mission his grandfather was unable to - and he has no intention of going back to Germany till be has done so. So starts a journey of discovery between the two men as Adi tries to find out more about his grandfather and his mission, and Edgar tries to recall memories from the past about his friend Adolf Jager, a friendship only WW2 could affect.

This is a wonderful story about friendship across the decades. The story weaves between 1983 and the past as letters and memories are shared between Adi and Edgar recalling events involving Adi's granddad Adolph, a German football player.

I found this a really engaging story, linking these three characters over 50 years and all starting with a game of football. If you're not a fan a football, don't let that put you off this story as it's so much more than football. It's about friendship, uncovering the past and a reminder that that we never know the impact that a kind word or taking the time to have a quick conversation with someone will have on their life.

The author's notes at the end of the novel provide further interesting information about the story. Edgar and Adolf is a really touching story, beautifully told, and one I would encourage you to read.

144 pages / Ages 11+ / Reviewed by Stephen Leitch, school librarian


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