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Harry Potter Book Night moves to June

14th Jan 21

The annual Harry Potter Book Night, which usually takes place in February, will move to June this year, although publisher Bloomsbury will still provide free digital activities for teachers planning Harry Potter activities in February.

Physical events along with key Bloomsbury digital activity will move from Thursday 4th February to Thursday 24th June 2021. As well as events with bookshops, competitions and celebrations this summer, Bloomsbury will launch an exciting digital project on the theme of Diagon Alley.

Author JK Rowling has continued to offer the open licence for online school readings of Harry Potter books 1-7, so teachers and school librarians can post videos of themselves reading aloud from the Harry Potter books to their students during lockdown.

The 2021 Harry Potter Book Night kit will remain available for any UK or international organisers planning virtual events this February, with registrations continuing into the summer.

The downloadable assets will include lesson plans, quizzes and other exciting things for children to do whilst learning at home. These can be viewed via the link, below. The site will be fully updated by the end of January.

The changes follow the current lockdown situation, with UK restrictions preventing many events from going ahead. In a statement, Bloomsbury said, "Events organised by schools, bookshops and libraries have always been the backbone of Harry Potter Book Night.

"At a time when physical events are not possible and teachers are working hard to provide remote learning to students, Bloomsbury has elected to move the date to a time when, all being well, physical events can be held.

"We'd like to thank everyone for their continued support for Harry Potter Book Night and hope that we can all celebrate together in June."

For more information on the kit and registration go to:

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