My Dragon by Andy Shepherd

In the latest stop on Andy Shepherd's blog tour, the author of The Boy Who Grew Dragons series joins ReadingZone to talk about growing dragons....

18/01/2021My Dragon by Andy Shepherd

Creative education

Drama teacher Marcus Dilly believes access to creativity and education enrichment is vital to enable children to engage fully with learning and for their personal development and wellbeing. He tells...

09/12/2020Creative education

Encouraging children as poets

We asked Charlotte Hacking, central learning programmes leader at CLPE, to provide some tips for inspiring children to enjoy poetry, and encouraging them to write their own.

29/10/2020Encouraging children as poets

Fact-checking real-life disasters

In this blog author Susan Martineau tells us how she set about fact-checking the information she wanted to use in her new book, Real-Life Disasters (b small publishing), including the catastrophic...

19/05/2020Fact-checking real-life disasters

Darren Shan on his new series

We asked Darren Shan to tell us how his new series, Archibald Lox, developed. The three Archibold Lox titles are available as ebooks, and Archibald Lox and the Bridge Between Worlds as a FREE...

30/04/2020Darren Shan on his new series

Letter to a Head Teacher

ReadingZone is sharing a letter sent by a parent to their child's new secondary school, asking why it doesn't have a professional school librarian - and explaining what the children are missing out...

10/11/2019Letter to a Head Teacher

Victorian history helped inspire debut novel

Liz Hyder blogs about how a visit to a disused mine inspired her novel, Bearmouth, which draws on research into the working conditions of children in Victorian mines, and which has parallels with...

12/09/2019Victorian history helped inspire debut novel

Sally Nicholls introduces All Fall Down

All Fall Down, first published seven years ago and republished this month by Andersen Press, explores how one family in 14th century England is affected by the plague that killed nearly half of the...

05/09/2019Sally Nicholls introduces All Fall Down

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