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Ellie and Lump's Very Busy Day

Ellie and Lump's Very Busy Day

Dorothy Clark
Walker Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781406380866

This is a wonderfully energetic story for toddlers and pre-schoolers, which builds up to all the excitement of a special celebration through its bouncy text, busy sounds and exuberant young characters.

From the moment Ellie and Lump wake up, they are on the go - bouncing on the bed, eating breakfast, whizzing around the shops, and blowing up balloons. But what is the celebration? It's a surprise for someone special on their birthday...

This picture book captures so well the unbounded enthusiasm of young children, especially when there's a special occasion on the way. While the young elephants are doing ordinary things - getting up, going to the shops and coming home - the text builds the excitement through the sounds it shares: 'We're going into town. "Anoraks on!" says Mum. Rustle...Rustle...Zzzip! Zzzzip! Pop! Pop!' and so on. Children will love joining in with these noisy sounds and the illustrations beautifully depict these colourful, messy toddler moments.

A lovely story to share if there is a special celebration coming up, and to use to encourage children to talk about their own special occasions. You could also extend the story by thinking about what sounds they hear during the day and perhaps building your own story around those sounds and activities.

Picture book / Ages 2+ / Reviewed by Alice Young.


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