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A Treason of Thorns

A Treason of Thorns

Laura Weymouth
Chicken House Ltd
ISBN: 9781912626694

Violet is taught by her father from an early age that Burleigh House, her ancestral home, is always to come first, it is everything. He tells her that she will be its next caretaker and she must devote herself to keep it happy and then the countryside will thrive and prosper. This is no problem for Violet as she loves her home as it protects and cares for her. However, life does not always go to plan...

Her father is accused of treason by the King, who is the deed owner of the house. He takes the Caretaker's Key away from her father and orders the house to destroy him. Without the key, the house will have to channel its magic through her father, with devastating consequences.

At her father's request, the King allows Violet leave the house but, as she reluctantly walks away, he calls Wyn - her childhood companion - back to stay with him. Violet feels abandoned, alone and confused. For the next seven years she goes to live in the fens with Mira and Jed, two of the servants from the house. Violet then gets the call to return to Burleigh. This can only mean one thing; her father is dead. Will Wyn still be there to greet her home? Will Burleigh be happy to see her? What will the King want in return for the Caretaker's Key?

Laura Weymouth, with her wonderful imagination, has once again built a unique world around a house that lives and breathes magic. It feels pain, loneliness, love and joy; it has a heart but the house also has a dark side. As the reader gets deeper into the story you engage with Violet's emotions, you feel for her as she has to make some heart-wrenching decisions in order to save her beloved house and Wyn.

The reader will be totally engaged in its 376 well written pages that are suitable for the 13+ reader. I believe it would also be a great book for reading groups due to the many discussion points that could be raised regarding loyalty, trust, control and the believability of the slow burning romance. A Treason of Thorns is a truly unique read, that has twists and turns to keep the reader engaged. My only regret is that it's a stand-alone, I'd have liked a sequel, but then you can't have everything can you! However, I still highly recommend that you to give it a go.

400 pages / Ages 13+ / Reviewed by Linda Brown, school librarian


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