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In the Sky: Designs inspired by nature

In the Sky: Designs inspired by nature

Harriet Evans
360 Degrees
ISBN: 9781848579408

What a lovely book! This non-fiction book is all about how different inventions have developed including planes, computers and radar technology. It explains how they have all come from things that fly such as bees, bats, birds and butterflies.

Each page is covered in colourful illustrations with facts scattered across them in easy to read chunks. It starts by explaining how planes have developed from the first Chinese kits in 400 BC into the modern Airbus, which has curved wingtips like a bird.

It is a great book for cross-curricular learning with the history of air travel, the geography of different homes and buildings, as well as scientific information on how birds and planes actually stay in the sky.

The whole book is filled with beautiful pictures which help to explain the information and there is a helpful glossary at the back too.

40 pages / Ages 7-11 years / Reviewed by Lucy Newton


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