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Once Upon an Atom: Questions of science

Once Upon an Atom: Questions of science

James Carter
Caterpillar Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781848579835

An interesting book for children who are curious about science and keep asking the how and why questions! Once Upon an Atom covers topics including chemical reactions, electricity, evolution and biology. Each page is illustrated beautifully and the text is presented in interesting patterns and also rhymes which will draw children in even more.

Although a lot of subjects are covered, it's a shame there isn't more information to answer children's questions more deeply. It is enough information to give them general answers to very broad questions but it is more of a story book about science rather than a tool to deepen their understanding. As such, it would work well for younger children aged 5+.

At the back of the book, there is an acrostic poem which gives a little more information about some of the subjects.

Picture book / Ages 5-8 years / Reviewed by Lucy Newton, teacher


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