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Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara
Frances Lincoln Childrens Books
ISBN: 9780711257696

I love this series! It's such a brilliant way of sharing information about significant people with young children - they love the stories and are gripped by the facts the books include about these people.

This book tells the story of Charles Darwin's life and explains why he is a significant figure in history. The story starts with a young Charles Darwin who lives in Shrewsbury with his family and is very inquisitive about nature. His teachers had told him about the big bang theory but he found it very difficult to believe that all of the animals and plants had just appeared on earth in the blink of an eye like that!

As he grew up, he started training to be a doctor but didn't like the sight of blood so when he was invited to go on a scientific exhibition, he jumped at the chance. Charles travelled the world researching how different plants and animals changed from place to place. The book shows how these early discoveries led into the career that Darwin is now so well known for.

Each page is filled with colourful illustrations to enable the children to understand some of the more complex ideas and facts that are written about. There is also a timeline at the back of the story which gives additional factual information for those who may want it.

A brilliant series - an excellent resource for teaching children about significant figures but also lovely stories which captivate children's imaginations so beautifully!

Picture Book / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by Lucy Newton, teacher


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